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When I SEE you, I SEE me

So many opportunities come our way to provide us with the ability to truly SEE ourselves. This can occur when we stop, slow down, and really SEE the other. As so many times there in lies an opportunity to get back in contact with parts of ourselves we may have forgotten or avoided. When we can SEE any and all parts of our self that otherwise remain hidden or lurking in a shadow, this can offer us a lesson on our personal journey. Opportunities come in many different ways; like seeing a child singing and dancing we may instantly find ourselves smiling, allowing our entire BEing to feel into that joy. It’s as if SEEing and being with that effortless flow of life and or the essence of our true self is touched upon as we are allowed to fill with that joy of being free and uninhibited in that instant! In that moment of that experience an aliveness awakens, and so we can then continue nurturing that area, once we allow our self to SEE that in another is so wanting to come forth in our self!

The flip side when we find ourselves a bit irritated or rubbed the wrong way by another; whichever the opportunity it is a time to stop and SEE ourselves within the other. Whether it’s being brought back to a lack of something or a place in our shadow as an opportunity that can take us by surprise, that may otherwise be left untouched. Many times a family member, a co- worker or even our partner can provide these opportunities to polish our own mirror in order to get a closer peek at our otherwise cluttered closets. These can leave us out of balance with little or no room to breathe or move into our full divine Being.

May you SEE and find the truth of your BEING in whatever way life presents itself! May you remain open to live a life with love, harmony and joy in your heart!       Blessings,   Regina


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