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What Color is Your Medicine?

After a variety of adventures, triumphs, and tragedies, Regina went exploring to find the deeper meaning of life. What she discovered—how to tap into our deepest truths and awaken the healing power within us—is the subject of this amazing book.

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What Color Is Your Medicine?
By: Regina Powers

Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner ~ Energy Medicine Guide-Therapist

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This book is a journey with the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine and sprinkled in are cases and experiences of the ways in which Regina sees and works with people. The healing of our emotional and physical bodies by way of our connection and opening to spirit is the primary message of the book.

After losing everything in the Nor CAL fires in October 2017—a loss from fire for the second time in her life—this Element became the catalyst she needed to write. This is Regina’s first book which came through her in under 2 months’ time. She has always had a constant yearning to share how she works with people in order for others to learn, heal and grow although to write a book in “English”—a language that never felt natural —was a bit of a stretch. Energy has always been her first language of choice.

If you want to live a life of meaning and purpose and attain optimum health while being connected with the 5 Elements so richly abundant on our earth and in our bodies, this is the book for you!


“Keep this book forever for yourself Thank you, Regina, for putting words on to paper and creating a piece of work that to me is now a coveted composite of useful and helpful information to forever visit and gobble up when I need it. I have bought one for my friend whose husband passed last year, my sister in law who is an amazing reiki healer, my friend’s daughter who is struggling with anxiety, and another friend who loves being in nature, hiking every day.

“Beautifully written  I just finished this book! It is amazing and perfect for adults and teens! It explores different ways our bodies carry pain, grief, and traumas while giving useful tools to help heal these emotions. The author incorporates her personal experience as a family nurse practitioner and energy healer with the Chinese 5 elements. My 12 and 14 years old just read this too and it opened all kinds of feelings and conversations. Truly beautiful! It is a must read!  

 Powerfully nurturing Beautiful insights and perspectives on healing and the energy of the heart. So much knowledge and wisdom in Regina’s experiences. The book is comforting and nurturing and everyone will find beneficial takeaways and feel empowered to take the next step towards healing.

“What Color is Your Medicine?” —Enter the depths of your heart with the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine
Published by: Powers Publishing House, LLC  |  Copyright @ 2018 by Regina Powers  |  First Edition, Sept 2018
ISBN: 9781732195509