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The Energy of “YES!”

~We once again completed another Sol Journey. We came back once again to the lands on our beautiful spot here in Glen Ellen, California. Yes, different than before with its new season of change still making its way. Our dear Gaia is just now bringing forth some new growth, as parts of her still dying off.  Just as we, dying and birthing a new and different than ever before, and being tended to from a new well spring of her delights.


~Our time together brought us all more fully awake and embodied with the amazing medicine of the land. I witnessed such a powerful display of courage and strength that came forward bringing such beauty and calm to our entire group. The awareness of connection that came forward to and from the deeper parts of ourselves from dear Gaia and source, really bringing us to feel the interconnected space of our One sacred human Heart.


A snippet from my new book, titled “What Color is Your Medicine?”which is coming out soonJcame to me to bring forward after our time together….

Cead Mile Failte, a Gaelic saying which means a hundred thousand welcomes. It’s for an arrival you didn’t know you missed, until you arrived. When we finally come home to ourselves, home to our body, mind and spirit living without separation. This is when we truly come home to a heart that is in direct resonance with the energy of Yes, where all manifestation flows.” When we start to participant on this journey of life with the energy of Yes, we begin to live from our heart that is home from its connected rooted place, from both the heavens and the earth. May your spring blossoms, provide your hearts full of summer fruits, that are ripe and ready with delight!


Until our next Sol Journey,

Blessings,  ~ Regina