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Finding Peace in the New Year

     After a bit too many sweets, I found my way to a “silent” heated yoga class. I figured, it was a great way to sweat out the excess sugar and assist in bringing myself back to some sort of balance. Minutes into the class the instructor started to speak, hence not a “silent” class. After a brief moment of annoyance, I quickly let it go, as I began to find an inner rhythm through the chatter.

I have been doing yoga for many years and know these poses quite well. This class brought me to new experiences within the postures. During the “bow” pose, a very poised archer emerged with a laser focus of intentionality. I was stretching and opening new muscles and fascia, different than ever before. At that moment, there was no noise. The distractions I had reacted to in the past, were no longer present in this moment, as I continued to go deeper into each pose.

Then a cool breeze came into the studio as he turned on the fans and opened the door to cool down the room. This occurred right in the middle of the “camel” pose. One of the deepest postures to assist in opening our hearts. All the while I was attempting to stay open as my body felt like it was now in a freezer. I paused and took in a long deep breath instead of going back into the full posture. When I stopped, I found myself instantly begin honoring my back. This in place of moving through my now constricted muscles, that came about from the chill in the room.

In the midst of the changing temperature, my heart remained open with a new inner stillness. It’s funny how something so minor, can stir up so much in us. It is up to us to discover ways to not allow anything or anyone to take away our peace, no matter what weather comes our way. Whether its financial, relational, environmental, physical or emotional—everything has the ability to steal our peace. 

You do have the ability to find the courage and tools to “be” with it all— the good, the bad and the ugly. Throughout your day when you find yourself with any untoward reactions or unrest, may you find a way to stop and take pause to allow your breath to move through some of these place’s. Your breath may assist you in uncovering A NEW way to “be” with even the most difficult of times. By just allowing a brief moment of peace and stillness to make its way to you—you may find a new meaning to these places of reaction. We have to change to bring in more life! Life is change, and change is life.

Life provides us limitless opportunities to learn, heal and grow. “The color of our medicine is unique and individual to each of us. We are indeed complex beings. By stopping, by sitting with all our complexities, we can bring more peace and clarity to our hearts and into our homes. If we listen, if we remain open to the signs, symbols, and messages that are all around us, our hearts can guide us.” This is an excerpt from my book, “What Color is Your Medicine?” 

I will be offering an Online Sol Journey Adventure working with deepening the medicine that the 5 Elements provide us. We will meet for an hour and a half, for 10 Sundays starting Jan 13th,2019. This as a means to assist in bringing more peace, clarity, and wisdom as you make your way into the New Year! Check out more information. Feel free to drop me a line with interest      Blessings,   Regina

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