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Sol Journey Online Adventure

10 Week Online Adventure

Sol Journeys Online Adventure 

 Sunday- January 13th, 2019

10 Sundays – 1.5 hours

 (9am PST)

Cost: $222.00

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                 Do you need a “time out” for yourself?

A time to come together with a community of like souls?

This online course is an opportunity to discover the wisdom and power of what the 5 Elements hold for you.

EARTH #Selfcare/Compassion          METAL   #Spirituality/Letting Go    

WATER #Calm/Fearlessness        WOOD  #Forgiveness/Kindness       FIRE  #Love/Passion

Our journey begins in the Winter, a time for rest and self-reflection. We spend 2 weeks on an individual element and take time to deepen into the understanding(s) of what our body is seeking in the realm of true nourishment.  Over the weeks we make more space for our new seeds to take root, so we can re-emerge into this New Year with hope and grace.

It’s a time to uncover aspects of our self that long to be free, so these awakened parts of our self can emerge with new opportunities.Sol Journey Life Leaf

As our time ends in Spring—an ending and yet a beginning—A beginning of new awakenings you’ve nourished, that will be ready to bring forth in the Summer filled with Joy and Delight!

As we continue you will learn new tools and techniques that you will take with you on your journey.

The group energy will assist you and provide you with opportunities to align with your brightest, best self— as we create more balance and peace in our systems. This course allows you your own experience in the privacy of your home and provides an open forum with a closed Facebook group to share your experiences and stories with one another.

Why the 5 ELEMENTS?

“The five Skandas, which may be translated into English as the five heaps, or five aggregates, are the Five Elements that comprise the human being….. In fact, these are really five rivers flowing together in us:

The river of form, which means our body, the river of mental formations, the river of feelings, the river of perceptions and the river of consciousness.

They are always flowing within us… Arvalokit looked deeply into the five Skhandas… and discovered none of them can be by itself alone….Form is empty of a separate self, but it is full of everything else in the cosmos. The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness.”

Thich Nat Hanh “The Heart of Understanding”

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So in coming together with our online community, it will provide support and guidance to assist your rivers to flow with more ease and grace, both individually and collectively. You may want to consider reading my book prior to class, to deepen the understanding of yourself and the elements.

What Color is Your Medicine?

—Enter the depths of your heart with the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine.

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Look forward to your next Sol Journey…..