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Eyes Wide Open!


I have recently been sharing excerpts from my new book, “What Color is Your Medicine?” in order to assist people at understanding what the messages in our body, mind and spirits may be trying to relay to us.

I have found if we start paying attention to the wisdom of what our bodies hold, either emotionally or physically, it may just be attempting to share something with us. We may end up being brought to something or someone, in order to bring us a deeper understanding of what we are ready to learn, heal and grow at this time in our life.


What is your body sharing with you this day?


As you begin paying attention to the messages in your body….may you discover more peace, joy, and love in your everyday lives.



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How do we get to the roots of our own existence?

“Raiz” in Spanish means “roots” in English.  I took a snap shot of this photo from an art exhibit at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, by author and artist Amalia Mesa-Bains. A woman who embodies a deep ancestral wisdom and spiritual understandings, that are beautifully depicted through her many landscape designs. I also saw dear Gaia speaking through her many etchings. A language I understand deep within my core.

“We are all rooted in our own ancestral soil as the tree of life unfolds.”

Our understandings of what our ancestors brought forward for us to heal as well as enjoy, can bring us to various teachings and understandings. While we make our way through life and remain open and present, we  can begin to uncover what speaks to our souls desires. Perhaps a gift or a language Gaia has been waiting to share with you? Like a soul fed from the heavens and the earth, we begin to connect into the purest parts of ourselves. This is when we feel enlivened or inspired— like being called home to our brilliance which is a place of joy and balance in our body, mind and spirit—our cup overflowing with comfort and ease.

This message can also bring awareness to the various branches that our lineage may carry, those that have been soiled with strife and toxins throughout time—knowing that we may require some purifying from the deep roots we hold. The “heart root” is seen at the central core of this root system, deep within our dear Gaia. Our hearts can indeed guide us on our journey, if we are open to receive the messages. As our hearts may be heavy without never understanding why, until we begin cleansing our systems, so our branches can again flourish and blossom— extending out to discover new and different ways to nourish our inner landscapes. When we do so, we may also discover we are able to walk through life a little less troubled either physically or emotionally. Staying open to discover ways to restore ourselves back to a heart that is guided by pure source and in direct resonance with the energy of love and compassion, can enjoy a quiet and steady rhythm within this vibration.

When our central “heart root” is tended—either internal or external—our heart knows when it is nourished and organically fed with nutrients of love and compassion. When a heart no longer seeks outside itself, it knows it’s home. Home to its self and source, and longs to connect to a tribe that will feed its body, mind and spirit. As when home and aligned with self, you align with others that are home within themselves.

When we connect to dear Gaia’s deep ancestral wisdom and truths, she guides and supports us so we can rest easy upon her soil. It is in this coming home to our roots (raiz) of pure source, we know we are truly home to the truth of who we really are.

Blessings on your journey home,


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The Energy of YES !!

~We once again completed another Sol Journey. We came back once again to the lands on our beautiful spot here in Glen Ellen, California. Yes, different than before with its new season of change still making its way. Our dear Gaia is just now bringing forth some new growth, as parts of her still dying off.  Just as we, dying and birthing a new and different than ever before, and being tended to from a new well spring of her delights.

~Our time together brought us all more fully awake and embodied with the amazing medicine of the land. I witnessed such a powerful display of courage and strength that came forward bringing such beauty and calm to our entire group. The awareness of connection that came forward to and from the deeper parts of ourselves from dear Gaia and source, really bringing us to feel the interconnected space of our One sacred human Heart.

A snippet from my new book, titled   “What Color is Your Medicine?”  which is coming out soon! This came in for me to bring forward after our time together….

Cead Mile Failte, a Gaelic saying which means a hundred thousand welcomes. It’s for an arrival you didn’t know you missed, until you arrived. When we finally come home to ourselves, home to our body, mind and spirit living without separation. This is when we truly come home to a heart that is in direct resonance with the energy of Yes, where all manifestation flows.” When we start to participant on this journey of life with the energy of Yes, we begin to live from our heart that is home from its connected rooted place, from both the heavens and the earth. May your spring blossoms, provide your hearts full of summer fruits, that are ripe and ready with delight!

Until our next Sol Journey,

Blessings,  ~ Regina

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Peace and Goodwill

This year is fast coming to its completion, as 2018 readily approaches.   Two thousand and seventeen has been and still is a year immersed with numerous accounts of love and joy, along with occurrences of heartache and strife.  There has been and still are continued accounts of people’s courage and strength coming forward alongside the many offerings to others in need. These situations and accounts of ones true beauty and heart are being displayed during the many disasters that so many of us are and have experienced and witnessed, both near and far.

These heartfelt accounts of Goodwill that has and continue to emerge, is bringing individuals and communities closer together than ever before seen. I believe these events are and what is bringing us closer to the truth of who we really truly are; A spirit filled self. A place in us that gives and receives without thought or judgment, a place that brings us and others to an effortless exchange of love, a place that is innate in all of us.

Let us continue to bring forth our true divine nature into this coming new year. The self that continues bringing all the people of this EARTH some peace and goodwill.

May our time here continue to be an extension of warmth and kindness to one another? May we find a way to shine the truth of our divine light this season, which will inevitably spill over into our everyday lives. What better place to call home than in a place filled with peace and goodwill.

With love from Sol Journeys

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Coming Home…



Coming Home::: Upon completing the Camino de Santiago I recall a time with a fellow pilgrim whom I ran into on and off throughout my journey. He was a gentle 60 year old soul, from Italy. We saw one another many times throughout the Camino, although we never really spoke until the end, in Finisterre. It was then he disclosed why he was doing the Camino. He shared he had been adopted as a boy, and as a child he never knew his birth name. A life perhaps been lived with a void that may not have been spoken, although a walk to uncover something he did not have to put words too. Before walking, he discovered his birth name and found his parents had passed. Upon entering Santiago, the place your walk is commemorated. It was here he acknowledged his name, and placed his adopted name along with his birth name on his placard. He shared his birth name aloud with me, as we teared up it was as if he made his way home to the truth of his roots, his souls coming home for the first time.

A moment etched in my heart, a poignant marking, each of us so very different, unique in our life and seeing himself as my own mirror at that moment in time. I have been blessed to share many a moments with many a soul during my walk, although this an ending or shall I say beginning of finding the truth of what being home with oneself truly means. It was and is A Perfect reflection of my own Truth in fully coming home.

Finisterre may have a literal meaning, of In Roman times it was believed to be the end of the known world. The name Finisterre, like that of Finistère in France, derives from the Latin finis terrae, meaning “end of the earth”. “The Earth, no matter where or when we stand upon her, she always finds a way of dying and birthing itself over and over. She is never stagnant, never still, always in fluid motion; just as are we. I know now here back landing upon an amazing spot on this beautiful earth. I am so very grateful for my home, my spot in the natural world that was provided to me before my pilgrimage, not knowing until now that in fact it is truly my home.

The Earth, the place you ground into, the place we call home is like being connected into our electrical system within our literal and figurative house. When we are walking upon the earth, we ground more into the support and nurturance of dear Gaia along with all who have walked before us and all who will come after. When you stand with our feet on this earth you tend to ground automatically, when walking for days at a time you are then re- aligning into your electrical system, like bringing yourself closer and closer to home.

In the days before rubber-soled shoes, we were walking barefoot among the trees, always deeply connected to thy self, and to the earth. Earth has an energy, a vibration that has an amazing healing property, just as our energy system brings us life affirming aliveness into our systems if treated with love and compassion. Bringing in the flow of healthy negative ions in and any buildup of positive ions and its accompanying toxins flowing out is how we naturally take care. As for our health, grounding needs to be part of our daily life, as the Earth’s healing energy awaits your arrival as when ill either physically or emotionally, staying grounded as much as possible is a good tincture in your medicine cabinet.

We are making our way toward our 3 Day Retreat right here in Northern California and we still have a few spots left for our time on the land. We would love to have you take part in finding your way home!

Blessings, Regina       

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The web of connection

Spirit in the sky


~ Nature has a great deal of influence on our lives. As we are but the tree we stand in front of, all seeking harmony with the branches we connect too. We realize that it is not until we gain the respect and understanding of that truth that we will be able to tap into our own truth. It is with the lighting of our own FIRE, that we can begin to connect with others, then form branches to grow and nurture in harmony within the Universe. I believe to be in contact with self in the presence of such beauty is truly being in contact with our own divine nature. Nature provides the Soul with a nurturance that goes beyond our mind, bringing us a sense of comfort and compassion that only an EARTH mother so pure and beautiful could provide.

Until our next Sol Journey~ 


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The Road Less Traveled……

Sol Journeys Faciliator photo

After marking the calendar of yet another year I realize the many blessings I have been connected and witnessed too on our amazing planet. A place that continually brings up so many lessons that seem to keep everything right on track for this crazy adventure called life! I seem to find myself with so much less resistance these days, and at far greater peace both inside and out. That internal compass that knows just how to navigate and at the same time bringing to places within that can easily move me to tears and or that roar of laughter in an instant, as the everyday “stuff” continues to keep on keeping on.

We all know life has its many ups and downs and also leaves us to contemplate the beautiful magic and wonder.  Sometimes leaving us to ask the question; What if I continue to take that easy path that has been traveled by the masses? What if I don’t? As I write this, I think I have never been that person. I feel as if it’s never been in my cards. So I have to ask; Do you ever find yourself asking where your directional is pointing you at this time in life? Do you ever have that moment when you just Stop and ask; Where is it that I want to put forth my next step, where do I want to plant myself here now? Perhaps just sitting in the place of the unknown is just what I need.  If and when we start the process of moving forward, its as if we mark the time and place of change to come forward, which in fact may bring us so much less discomfort in the long run. It sometimes takes the road less traveled to find the less turbulent ebb and flow of life, to create that  Joie de vivre ~ The French ‘joy of living’, that excitement of life in place of that path well marked and worn of the “just so” life.

If you are ready to Re-discover that place in yourself , that place to Re-Ignite that Joy of Life, or you are READY to let go of what continues to keep holding you back. Then perhaps its time to make the choice to plant yourself on the Earth with us for a Sol Journeys Adventure, as it may be just what you need!

Sol Journeys is making its way to The Center at Westwood, in Mass on Sept 17th for a Day Long Adventure and would love to have you join us. If you are interested in this journey or attending another- Send me an email at for more information.

I look forward to your next Sol Journeys Adventure, Regina


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The gift of Presence!

Opening gate from separation to union

The Gift of Presence

I had a client ask me about my take on something that occurred during a recent family celebration. It was her husband’s birthday. Her husband took the day off from work, and she, his wife could sense an underlying feeling of sadness coming from him that was palpable on and off throughout the day.

The youngest child wrapped up a fun top of a container, with a note that read- “Happy Birthday Daddy”. The other child was off playing with a friend most of the day, and when arrived home drew him a beautiful piece of artwork along with a homemade birthday card. That evening they celebrated as a family, with the children baking a B~day cake and cooking dinner for daddy. The sadness again became evident as he spoke with tears in his eyes at the start of dinner as he gave thanks for having spent the day at home with his family. Read More →

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