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I feel blessed to have spent the day with Regina and allowed her to gently guide me in finding the “medicine” that I needed that particular day.  Tapping into the infinite wisdom of nature and feeling connected with that energy has opened up a new world of possibilities and allowed me to carry this into every facet of my life.    I am more aware of the natural world around me and use many of the tools taught throughout the day to ground myself and let go of that which is holding me back.  I am better able to share myself and my love with those around me and find meaning and beauty in places where I might not have previously looked.         Dr.  N. Kammerer  (Psychiatrist)

I recently took a Sol Journey with Regina and it really moved me in unexpected ways. It was a wonderful way to connect with other kindred spirits and the all mighty mother earth herself. The journey itself is dependent on what you are needing in your life in this very moment and Regina does an excellent job of helping to guide you into that space to fully be with it, experience it, and let go of any fears surrounding you.. Ultimately it’s an opportunity to dive a little deeper into yourself and to evolve into your highest truest self. Happy Journeying Friends!    Sabrina P.

Regina’s Energy Healing is always amazing, providing the space for me to be grounded and whole. This Sol Journey expands in the heart of nature, to explore and receive more sacred earth medicine. I found the experience a dynamic connection with nature, ritual and symbolism.  J.D.

It’s something you have to experience and the journey is all your own but with Regina’s guidance and the group there to watch you, you never feel alone! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll truly feel alive and in the moment!    L.E.

“This experience was amazing! The space and energy of the group was safe and positive.  She was able to see and help me see my true authentic self, by always guiding me with kindness, love and non judgement. Thank You Regina! ”        J.F. Sonoma, CA

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I have been working with the 5 ELEMENTS for many years, and have found the Elements to be a fascinating key that can unlock doors that would have been left shut. Come join us, as we co-create in a group energy to assist in opening and creating more space within, all the while enjoying the support and energy of being in a group.

FIRE- The Heart/Love element.
Is your ignition switch in need of a re-boot!
Do you have High BP? Heart pains?

EARTH— The Stomach/Relationship element.
It also has to do with your digestion. Do you suffer from GERD- acid indigestion?
Are you taking in more than you can chew?

METAL—The Lung/Grief/Guilt/Regret element.
Has there been a history in your family of an ongoing sadness, loss, and or regrets?
Are you looking to find a way to release and heal?

WATER—The Kidney/Fear/Anxiety element.
This can sometimes keep you safe, but also can keep you from living fully!

WOOD—The Gallbladder/Liver/Anger element.
Do you find it difficult to let go of something?
Does this keep you from moving ahead?
Are you trying to FORGIVE but struggling to find a way?

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