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Finding Your Way Home

way home

~After a day of being completely nourished, my soul content, these words sprung from me. Words that came as if my entire being had found a new home both inside and out. I was fully satiated from my light body, beaming from every cell, a place I still find so hard to describe.

~When you know you are home, in the deepest well of your existence, there is no mistaking the truth when it comes forward.

I am a WOMEN of the EARTH, I AM. I am home now with my entire BEINGNESS~

 I am opening, becoming, unraveling into A women of SPIRIT~of change~ of growth~

 Bringing others together~ Young, Old, Little, Big to AWAKEN and UNRAVEL their Spirits into BEINGNESS~

Taking others on a Journey of the SOUL, on and with the EARTH~

 The Natural World awaits our return~ She awaits my return~To Compost Us, To Awaken Us, To LIVE US and BE~

I am a WOMEN of the EARTH, who walks for the sake of the WHOLE in and with SPIRIT~

When I care for myself, I care for the MOTHER. When I am aligned and balanced, I AM WHOLE, I AM HOME~ Regina


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Ancestors- Are they here to help?

~A beautiful middle age Vietnamese gentleman called Mr. V came into clinic for a blood pressure (BP) check. It had been running high on his previous visit, so I let him know we may have to consider starting him on a blood pressure medication next visit if it remained elevated. Mr. V had recently added in a daily blend of celery juice to his morning routine, 4 stocks daily. Low and behold his BP readings were in normal range when taking his daily juice but elevated when he missed taking it.

Mr. V. was also getting ready to journey back to Vietnam for a month to visit relatives.   We spoke about his growing up in Vietnam and ended up speaking about the spiritual practices within his culture. They have a direct correlation to their ancestors and the natural world. This is where they or he find “God”. He explained you pray to those whom have passed, and look to the natural world, the Elements sun/moon/sky/water and earth in Gratitude. Read More →

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