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Finding Your Way Home

way home

~After a day of being completely nourished, my soul content, these words sprung from me. Words that came as if my entire being had found a new home both inside and out. I was fully satiated from my light body, beaming from every cell, a place I still find so hard to describe.

~When you know you are home, in the deepest well of your existence, there is no mistaking the truth when it comes forward.

I am a WOMEN of the EARTH, I AM. I am home now with my entire BEINGNESS~

 I am opening, becoming, unraveling into A women of SPIRIT~of change~ of growth~

 Bringing others together~ Young, Old, Little, Big to AWAKEN and UNRAVEL their Spirits into BEINGNESS~

Taking others on a Journey of the SOUL, on and with the EARTH~

 The Natural World awaits our return~ She awaits my return~To Compost Us, To Awaken Us, To LIVE US and BE~

I am a WOMEN of the EARTH, who walks for the sake of the WHOLE in and with SPIRIT~

When I care for myself, I care for the MOTHER. When I am aligned and balanced, I AM WHOLE, I AM HOME~ Regina


The gift of Presence!

Opening gate from separation to union

The Gift of Presence

I had a client ask me about my take on something that occurred during a recent family celebration. It was her husband’s birthday. Her husband took the day off from work, and she, his wife could sense an underlying feeling of sadness coming from him that was palpable on and off throughout the day.

The youngest child wrapped up a fun top of a container, with a note that read- “Happy Birthday Daddy”. The other child was off playing with a friend most of the day, and when arrived home drew him a beautiful piece of artwork along with a homemade birthday card. That evening they celebrated as a family, with the children baking a B~day cake and cooking dinner for daddy. The sadness again became evident as he spoke with tears in his eyes at the start of dinner as he gave thanks for having spent the day at home with his family. Read More →

Our Precious Heart


“This FIRE that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.”
Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love


As we move into the month of February may we become more aware of our precious HEART. The Element of FIRE– which when ignited in all its fullness it can assist our entire system. As our HEART touches all parts of us, each organ functions with more precision when open, or when we truly feel nourished, our emotions less labile when our HEART and spirit is free and JOY filled. May this Valentine’s season allow your HEART to OPEN by providing your~ SELF that gift of LOVE by creating more harmony and balance within your system with a special offering to thy self, in whatever form you LOVE by way of your NATURE filled self!

As when our FIRE is out of balance we can feel it, we may get palpitations, or bouts of rapid speech and or headaches or have high blood pressure when our FIRE runs too hot! If our energy feels depleted we may experience heart pains or a feeling of sadness perhaps as if something feels broken when our FLAME is not burning as bright as when in divine flow. Read More →

Why the 5 Elements?

Why the 5 ELEMENTS?

“The five Skandas, which may be translated into English as the five heaps, or five aggregates, are the Five Elements of that comprise the human being….. In fact, these are really five rivers flowing together in us:

The river of form, which means our body, the river of mental formations, the river of feelings, the river of perceptions and the river of consciousness.

They are always flowing within us… Arvalokit looked deeply into the five Skhandas… and discovered none of them can be by itself alone….Form is empty of a separate self, but it is full of everything else in the cosmos. The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness.”

Thich Nat Hanh “The Heart of Understanding”

 Now when asked, Why the 5 Elements? Things become a bit clearer. We are not made to go it alone! We are not made to live in separation, as an island unto ourselves. If we choose this way of being, it would leave our riverbeds dry or our Hearts without connections to all parts of our being. Our FIRE without a flame! Our Arterial beds searching to find places to bring blood and nutrients to our vital organs!

What is it then to take part in this dance of being in relationship with thy self? How can we find that inner balance and harmony? If we begin to look within our own 5 Element structure, we can then find ways to bring more ENERGY to parts of our bodies that may not be in harmony with the FLOW of life.

The element of EARTH, the place we begin and end, the Center of our being. The place of understanding how to nurture ones self, that place we can find compassion for ourselves. The EARTH is also a place where healthy boundaries can be fully understood. The Elements also bring us to the male and female parts of thy self. The Yin/Yang of the organs, which have a place of harmonic resonance deep within and without which is “Full of everything else in the cosmos”!

Our Physical, emotional, and mental/spirit bodies is our internal compass, our guide of how we are doing in the natural world. This is how nature reflects back to us, how we are handling life.

How are you weathering those storms? Are you allowing the light and the dark within you to help you navigate down those rocky riverbeds? Life can become a whole lot easier if we choose to seek guidance from the places that have lost their footing, a place where our riverbeds may have flooded, or find them still seeking moisture from things that leave us thirsty.

May you find a balanced flow with more ease and grace as you go through this Holiday Season!

Looking forward to your next Sol Journey’s Adventure.



Ancestors- Are they here to help?

~A beautiful middle age Vietnamese gentleman called Mr. V came into clinic for a blood pressure (BP) check. It had been running high on his previous visit, so I let him know we may have to consider starting him on a blood pressure medication next visit if it remained elevated. Mr. V had recently added in a daily blend of celery juice to his morning routine, 4 stocks daily. Low and behold his BP readings were in normal range when taking his daily juice but elevated when he missed taking it.

Mr. V. was also getting ready to journey back to Vietnam for a month to visit relatives.   We spoke about his growing up in Vietnam and ended up speaking about the spiritual practices within his culture. They have a direct correlation to their ancestors and the natural world. This is where they or he find “God”. He explained you pray to those whom have passed, and look to the natural world, the Elements sun/moon/sky/water and earth in Gratitude. Read More →

Why are we here?

Is it to help one another?


Wherever or whom ever we encounter one never knows what lesson or blessing is being provided from one to another and vise versa. I remember my first go around out west, I moved up from Santa Monica to SF where I befriended an older Irishman. We would walk across the Golden Gate Bridge once a week. He was originally from Dublin and had an enamoring way with words. One day as we crossed the bridge we stopped, and I chose to stand next to a young man with his head bowed down, his hands in his pockets and I asked how his day was going, he didn’t say much but could tell it wasn’t going so well. I still remember standing there long enough to take in the beauty of the surroundings, along with acknowledging the man with minimal contact, although he knew he wasn’t alone. As we left, I placed my hand on his shoulder and said goodbye. A few minutes later Sean said, “you realize he may not jump today because of you. I never stop or acknowledge anyone when I walk, just to many crazy people out here.” I never forgot what Sean said to me that day. We never know what or why certain circumstances show up for us and we never know what the other receives in return.
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