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Sol Journeys Retreats!

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A time and place for you to connect deeply with Gaia and all her gifts, to assist you to get back in touch with your own. We create a sacred circle, come together in ceremony along with all the Elements to open, transform and deepen our time together.

We weave through our webs of processes to open, transform and release stagnant energy blocking our natural energy flow. We transmute energy into a positive creative force that supports all of your creations.  All with the help and support of our dear GAIA.

Upcoming 3 Day Retreats (Limited to 6)

Sol Journey Life Leaf

August 10, 11 & 12th ~ Bozeman, MT

Sept 14, 15 & 16th~ Westwood, Mass

Nov 9, 10, 11 ~ Glen Ellen, CA

(If retreat(s) already fill or you have your own group the following (Fri-Sat-Sun) is another option)

(Fri/Sat-1030-4p, Sun- 1030-230p)

Cost: $495.00-795.00$

(Sliding scale)


I have been working with the 5 ELEMENTS for many years, and have found the Elements to be a fascinating key that can unlock doors that would have been left shut. See below to see if you can relate to any parts of yourself in the Elementals?

FIRE- The Heart/Sex/Circulation: Love/Joy element.
Is your ignition switch in need of a re-boot!
Do you have High BP? Heart pains? Do you have Headaches?

EARTH— The Stomach/Spleen: Relationship/Boundary element.
It also has to do with your digestion. Do you suffer from GERD- acid indigestion?
Are you taking in more than you can chew? Are you missing that sweetness in life?

METAL—The Lung/Large Intestine: Grief/Guilt/Regret element.
Has there been a history in your family of an ongoing sadness, loss, and or regrets?
Do you suffer from Asthma, frequent colds, chronic cough?

WATER—The Kidney/Bladder: Fear/Anxiety element.

Do you have trouble relaxing and finding an inner calmness?
This can sometimes keep you safe, but also can keep you from living fully!

WOOD—The Gallbladder/Liver: Anger/Frustration element.
Do you find it difficult to let go of something?
Does this keep you from moving ahead?
Are you trying to FORGIVE but struggling to find a way?

I am open to requests for 2 day Solo journeys on the land where you reside

or 3 Day retreat in your area or in the part of the world you call home!