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Private Practice

Private Practice

There is more to “healing” than that which is found in the traditional western model. My training as a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner with a Functional medicine background, along with Energy medicine has given me a unique skill set that can assist in letting go and healing parts of yourself that may be causing you difficulty in finding balance and peace inside and out. Either emotionally, physically or spiritually we will work to discover the deeper meaning of what is causing your “dis~ ease” in your body and work to restore your health and well-being. Private Practice Photo

Integrative Energy Medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes into account your entire system (Mind, Body, Spirit, Ancestral) and encompasses the many facets of your soul.  You never go to a place you can’t handle, and I never go without your permission.  I will provide you with the tools to create a more joyful existence in your everyday life.

The ability to heal is inherent in all of us and some of that can be derived from our connection to nature. When we start the process of reconnecting ourselves to the natural world, we start the process of healing.  I bring in nature by way of the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine, which can help you uncover the truth of what may be holding you back from embarking on a SOUL filled life. It could be out of fear, regret, guilt or frustration and sometimes a place you have yet to uncover. It may not even be you! It may be your family lineage, and we may continue to carry it forward with no knowledge of its existence.   When you heal, your entire family starts to heal; this ends up helping to create more love and balance in your life, internally and externally.

Some things that I can assist you with are:

  • Physical disturbances in the body- Examples: headaches,  skin disorders, back or neck pain, pre-surgery, after a broken bone, gastrointestinal complaints, musculoskeletal issues and a variety of other disturbances in the physical and emotional body.
  •  Discovering and breaking unhealthy patterns/behaviors- like ongoing issues with weight or food, self-acceptance, the ability to receive
  • Discovering your core issues and negative beliefs – and ways to resolve them
  • Connecting to your true authentic self
  • Creating harmony and peace within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • Recovery  from trauma, injury, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation;
  • Anxiety, depression, anger, excessive fear, other mood-related disorders;
  • Persistent fatigue, weakness, lack of vitality;
  • Stress, inability to cope, disturbed sleep, feelings of overwhelm;
  • A sense of being stuck, disconnected from life, lack of fulfillment.

~It would be my honor to assist you on your Souls Journey.


If you have any questions send me an email at, or schedule an appointment here at

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