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Peace and Goodwill

This year is fast coming to its completion, as 2018 readily approaches.   Two thousand and seventeen has been and still is a year immersed with numerous accounts of love and joy, along with occurrences of heartache and strife.  There has been and still are continued accounts of people’s courage and strength coming forward alongside the many offerings to others in need. These situations and accounts of ones true beauty and heart are being displayed during the many disasters that so many of us are and have experienced and witnessed, both near and far.

These heartfelt accounts of Goodwill that has and continue to emerge, is bringing individuals and communities closer together than ever before seen. I believe these events are and what is bringing us closer to the truth of who we really truly are; A spirit filled self. A place in us that gives and receives without thought or judgment, a place that brings us and others to an effortless exchange of love, a place that is innate in all of us.

Let us continue to bring forth our true divine nature into this coming new year. The self that continues bringing all the people of this EARTH some peace and goodwill.

May our time here continue to be an extension of warmth and kindness to one another? May we find a way to shine the truth of our divine light this season, which will inevitably spill over into our everyday lives. What better place to call home than in a place filled with peace and goodwill.

With love from Sol Journeys

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