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Join Me on a Soul Filled  Outdoor Adventure!

I am very excited to be offering this unique opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself in the natural world. Did you ever notice when you’re outside in Nature everything seems a bit lighter and your mindless distracted? Nature is a place to come restore and gather parts of yourself that you may have forgotten or discarded.Sol Journey Leaf Shadow

Sol Journey Outdoor adventureLet us take a Sol Journey together to explore what medicine our amazing landscape has to offer you at this time in your life. I utilize a variety of techniques and tools that help release old patterns of stuck-ness, providing new pathways and paradigms in which to live. It is you that will guide our time together, whether young or old, fit or with limited mobility, everyone can participate.

This guided movement, either as we hike, walk or sit upon the earth; will assist in your opening and shedding light to areas of your body that are asking for a deeper understanding and connection. While being out in the natural world you will discover and uncover ways to discharge and transform those areas of stuck-ness that may be residing in your physical and emotional body. It is those areas that may be keeping you from moving forward, providing you with the courage to make a change, or take on a new direction in life. A life lived, is a life filled with joy! The Natural world guides our connection to your true nature, your true Spirit that can get lost in the mundane, everyday life chores and responsibilities.

As you unlock those areas that no longer serve you, it provides you more space and movement emotionally and physically, which can then be filled with more peace, joy, balance and love. A connection back to your true nature is the intention I hold for you this day.

We start our time together with you setting an intention and then move at a pace that you dictate. As we embark into the Natural world we stop and start as you gather pieces along your Sol Journey, that are unique and individual to you. It will be my honor to be a witness to your unfolding, and holding the space for that to occur.

My unique background and skill set, along with my magical Irish Ancestry are gifts that are sure to bring a spring back in your step and a smile on your face!

Please contact if you have your own group (Friends, Family, Colleagues) that would like to participate on a journey or would like to bring Sol Journeys to your area!

Location: Northern Ca, Glen Ellen or Contact me with an interest in coming to your area for RETREAT 3 Day or SOLO 2 Day)

Time:: Solo Adventure Day Long 6 hours            Group Day long ::10-330p

Individual weekend retreat offerings (2)  6 hour days spent on the land


Adults or Adolescents