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Our Precious Heart


“This FIRE that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.”
Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love


As we move into the month of February may we become more aware of our precious HEART. The Element of FIRE– which when ignited in all its fullness it can assist our entire system. As our HEART touches all parts of us, each organ functions with more precision when open, or when we truly feel nourished, our emotions less labile when our HEART and spirit is free and JOY filled. May this Valentine’s season allow your HEART to OPEN by providing your~ SELF that gift of LOVE by creating more harmony and balance within your system with a special offering to thy self, in whatever form you LOVE by way of your NATURE filled self!

As when our FIRE is out of balance we can feel it, we may get palpitations, or bouts of rapid speech and or headaches or have high blood pressure when our FIRE runs too hot! If our energy feels depleted we may experience heart pains or a feeling of sadness perhaps as if something feels broken when our FLAME is not burning as bright as when in divine flow.

May you find a way to bring YOU to a place of JOY and HEART felt peace. Perhaps finding you extending a kind smile to a stranger or picking a flower from a garden and leaving it on a random doorstep? Pure acts of kindness can spark someone else’s flame to ignite especially to someone that may not be burning as bright during this Valentine season. When we illuminate our LIGHT, igniting our own heart that automatically has an effect on others! Why not OPEN and find it in your HEART to Love those places within that are calling you!

May we find time to drop out of our heads, and into our Hearts this Valentines season and please do not wait for Feb 14th! ~May we all shine a little brighter in honor of each other’s Beauty filled selves~ As Your Light is to be shown and your FIRE ignited! ~Happy Heart month to all…

With Love until our next Sol Journey,   Regina

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