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Sol Journeys Mission

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Sol Journeys came together by way of a strong yearning I have had to bring people together in nature, away from the everyday “things” that keep us distracted. This is a program that assists people to discover healthier ways to create more joy in their world!

My intention, my mission is to create a forum where groups of young and old alike, can come together to form meaningful bonds with one another, as they witness themselves and others discover, transform and awaken to their own true nature. A place within that is both alive and free just like the natural world!

Sol Journeys is a place to ignite that inner spark, a place to thrive in and alongside nature ~a place to have the natural world reflect one’s strength ~ one’s inner beauty and harmony,  just as all the Elements do when they come together in the natural world. As we hold this intention we continue to heal parts of our self that may have disconnected from the Earth beneath us that holds us and supports us, so when we connect once again we start to heal, and then she heals as well.

We need your help and support to bring these programs alive,   so please make your tax-deductible donation today.

Thank you very much for your support.

Until your next Sol Journey,


Regina Powers
Founder and Executive Director
Sol Journeys