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Are You Ready To Find Your Way Back To You?

How many of us go through life feeling like we are on a hamster wheel? We are tired and anxious and never seem to be able to catch up.


Sol Journeys is a place to re-fill, renew and replenish your mind, body and spirit. Whether indoors or outside, individual or group(s) work or online courses this forum allows you to delve deep into the mystery of your body’s wisdom to heal and grow.

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Here what some are saying after a journey “I was able to break through a huge wall and open a new door. I was able to tap into a place within, because of the level of love and strength and devotion to feeling safe inside and out.” ~~ ” I feel more connected and less afraid of my life thanks to my Sol Journey.”


When you learn to engage with your highest self, you are then able to connect with others and the natural world from a place of delight and strength. Through this journey, you will come to know how and what you will need to allow your creativity, connection, and inspiration to come forward.

Sol Journeys Adenture photoOur programs create a template of adventure through nature hikes, ceremonial experiences, and teachings. You will learn exciting new tools and techniques which may include ceremony, journaling, art therapy, movement, and music, which you can then take home and continue using throughout your life. This will allow you to open to your true self!

Each Journey is unique to the individual or group. We come together in a ceremonial format. We start each journey with the Element of Earth bringing in a deeper awareness of  how to connect and  ground into her unending support in order to deepen your connection to you and your body.  We make our way through the 5 Elements as a tool to discover parts of the self that are longing to be free and come forward. We use many tools, all group dependent, along with techniques that evoke your REAL self to come forward. This in order to assist you as you navigate a path to discover more joy and creativity, and allow your energy system away to Release, Let Go and Open up to bring forth more YOU, in order to awaken your Wild Amazing SELF!

Other programs Sol Journeys provide are designed to help our youth align with their inner strength and courage a place they may forget.  Just the everyday stress of being a child today and some even dealing with life threatening issues leaving them disconnected from their truth of who they are beneath their physical and emotional stresses. If you would like Sol Journeys to bring one of our offerings to your camp or your local Boys & Girls club, Mentor or Teen centers alike we would be more than happy to bring our amazing programs to assist.

So get ready to soar to new levels of self-discovery and uncover your inner beauty and strength. I look forward to assisting you on your Sol Journey.


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