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Meet the Sol Journeys Staff

Regina Powers
Founder of Sol Journeys
Energy Medicine Guide
Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner

As a young child, Regina’s Celtic roots were drenched in Irish culture and mystery. The lineage from which she sprang dictated much of her passion in the world of healing. Regina continues to uncover parts of herself that have been steeped in ancient traditions and understandings.

Her curiosity about all healing modalities has helped pave her journey by way of a nursing career, then into medicine as a family nurse practitioner, and now into the world of energy and elemental medicine.

Regina has been an apprentice of 2 unique programs (Hero’s Journey Foundation and Wilderness Reflections) that incorporate the natural world. Each assists people of all ages and work by way of a ceremonial format brought forth in the natural world. Please check out their websites to learn more.

Regina has created  a unique way of working with people by using the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood), which help uncover where one’s life is out of balance. Each session is individualized to the needs of the group or individual using a variety of tools and techniques that are specific to each person or group. Whether the issue is stored in the tissue or manifest’s by way of dis~ease in the physical or emotional body, or one’s habits or belief systems, this work has a way of bringing it forward to allow transformation.

The work of Sol Journey allows you to discovery where in the body you may be holding and is no longer serving you. Regina has discovered that once addressed this can then bring about a happy-joy filled life.Sol Journeys Faciliator photo

In 1983 Regina graduated as a Registered Nurse with a minor in Psychology, from Vermont College, Montpelier, VT. After moving to California from Massachusetts, she continued to train in the traditional medical model receiving her degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at University of California, San Francisco in 1997.  From there she had worked primarily in Emergency Medicine and now Functional medicine and Family practice.

By using a combination of her vast set of skills, (see healing services) Regina is able to uncover many aspects of the individual (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ancestral) in order to bring these elements back into balance.

Regina has a distinct flare and presence, and is able to tune in quickly to where you may be unable to change or transform habits or behaviors, usually upon your first or second meeting. Her life passion and quest is to be fully open to all her soul gifts. She enjoys discovering the magic and mystery that can be found in every day life!

A great hike, yoga or out in the woods along with spending time with horses is how she enjoys her free time. Regina is a Red Sox girl at heart! She has a love of music and language with hopes of being fluent in Spanish this lifetime. Regina is also sharing her medicine in a book format, which will be coming out soon! Titled-“What Color is Your Medicine?”

“If one deeply embodies the energies of nature and allows them to penetrate your soul, there is an abundant source of energy and joy that can culminate your world”- Regina


Sol Journey Facilitator Jennifer Briscoe

Jennifer Briscoe

Jennifer is a registered nurse (RN) who has worked in critical care, home care, and nursing administration for over 25 years. But her real passion is working with children. She serves as a mentor for local children in the Sonoma Valley Mentor program and has assisted in bringing Sol Journeys into the Schools here in Sonoma as part of the mentor program. Jennifer is finishing up her health coach certificate training and has been a coach for youth tennis and soccer, coordinated a JCC Youth Group involving outdoor adventures, and volunteers for a host of school activities (e.g., managing a jog-a-thon, staffing the school library, participating in random acts of kindness). Recently, Jennifer created a spirited and successful after-school program called Team Connect in which boys and girls participate in team building activities which emphasize kindness, respect, and the joys of disconnecting from our digital world. Her work with Sol Journeys has been since its inception. Jennifer has a deep understanding of the body and how to move it safely and efficiently which has brought her into the practice of yoga, which is now being incorporated into our longer retreats! We are so excited for Jennifer to be part of our Sol Journeys staff!