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How do we get to the roots of our own existence?

“Raiz” in Spanish means “roots” in English.  I took a snap shot of this photo from an art exhibit at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, by author and artist Amalia Mesa-Bains. A woman who embodies a deep ancestral wisdom and spiritual understandings, that are beautifully depicted through her many landscape designs. I also saw dear Gaia speaking through her many etchings. A language I understand deep within my core.

“We are all rooted in our own ancestral soil as the tree of life unfolds.”

Our understandings of what our ancestors brought forward for us to heal as well as enjoy, can bring us to various teachings and understandings. While we make our way through life and remain open and present, we  can begin to uncover what speaks to our souls desires. Perhaps a gift or a language Gaia has been waiting to share with you? Like a soul fed from the heavens and the earth, we begin to connect into the purest parts of ourselves. This is when we feel enlivened or inspired— like being called home to our brilliance which is a place of joy and balance in our body, mind and spirit—our cup overflowing with comfort and ease.

This message can also bring awareness to the various branches that our lineage may carry, those that have been soiled with strife and toxins throughout time—knowing that we may require some purifying from the deep roots we hold. The “heart root” is seen at the central core of this root system, deep within our dear Gaia. Our hearts can indeed guide us on our journey, if we are open to receive the messages. As our hearts may be heavy without never understanding why, until we begin cleansing our systems, so our branches can again flourish and blossom— extending out to discover new and different ways to nourish our inner landscapes. When we do so, we may also discover we are able to walk through life a little less troubled either physically or emotionally. Staying open to discover ways to restore ourselves back to a heart that is guided by pure source and in direct resonance with the energy of love and compassion, can enjoy a quiet and steady rhythm within this vibration.

When our central “heart root” is tended—either internal or external—our heart knows when it is nourished and organically fed with nutrients of love and compassion. When a heart no longer seeks outside itself, it knows it’s home. Home to its self and source, and longs to connect to a tribe that will feed its body, mind and spirit. As when home and aligned with self, you align with others that are home within themselves.

When we connect to dear Gaia’s deep ancestral wisdom and truths, she guides and supports us so we can rest easy upon her soil. It is in this coming home to our roots (raiz) of pure source, we know we are truly home to the truth of who we really are.

Blessings on your journey home,


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